What kind of blogger are you ? Part II

Last we left off discussing the two types of bloggers. You have “the bored bloggers” who look at blogging as just a hobby. Then you have the “people bloggers” who blog in hopes of informing and educating.
First off let me start by saying as a little girl I was told by my mom that I could be whoever or whatever I wanted to be. As a child your imagination and ambition is at its full potential. That is because as children we are not faced with the realistic and sometimes harsh realities of this world. Mom and dad are our greatest hero’s and cartoons and games are our main source of entertainment. These hobbies encourage us to be creative and fearless. We are able to imagine more. Laugh frequently and a smile seems to be permanently  plastered on to our faces at all times. As we grow older however cartoons are no longer being viewed. We let doubt and worry distract us from our true happiness. We let the demands of this world alter our mind more which then takes away from our true happiness. Mom and dad are no longer our hero’s. They’ve been replaced by ceo’s of fortune five company’s. So I’m left to wonder what happens to that child with the bright imagination that wanted to be a ballerina. She begged her mom to enroll her in ballet classes and her mother obliged. She spends years dedicating her life to this craft because she knows she couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else. They joy it gives her is indescribable. Suddenly she transitions from child to adult. She’s told that being a dancer won’t bring in much income. She’s forced to give up her dreams in exchange for a corporate position or what I like to call a “big girl job” she allows the world to control her mind and alter her dreams. Where does her true happiness lie? No wonder she cries now more than she’s smiles or she rather work more than dance. She’s just trying to survive. Survival becomes more important than happiness. Life has officially killed her dreams. With no dream she has no imagination. She no longer believes the impossible is possible. She’s conformed.

Now this isn’t to get confused. Let’s be serious people. If your dream as a child was to be a super hero you’re obviously not going to be flying the world with a cape on and receiving an income, unless you play video games for a living. However, channel your “super hero save the world” attitude towards a more realistic career such as a fireman or police office. A surgeon could even be considered a super hero. Anyone that helps people for a living is what I consider a super hero.  My point is this, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS ! It’s that simple. Nothing is unachievable. Never allow someone or something to get in the way of you going after whatever it is that your heart desires. There are steps that need to be taken and work that needs to be done but you can do it I promise. SELF PROGRESSION is all I’m about. I am not close to where I aspire to be but keeping faith and working hard is what secures my future in getting there. The same goes for you. No matter the age, you are never too young or old to follow your dreams. Let’s not forget about passions. A passion is something you’ve adopted and committed to. It may not be something you’ve envisioned but life has a way of figuring itself out. What about the people who are still trying to figure out their passions. If you’re like me you don’t have only one exact passion that you’d follow for the rest of your life. Maybe you don’t even know what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Who’s to say that you just have it all together as you enter early adult hood. We live in America, the land of opportunities where you can be whoever you want. So how could you possibly know what path to follow for the rest of your life. You aren’t limited to just one. You can have as many as you like. Take your time and get it right. The point of my blog is to encourage you to follow whatever path you’re on. It may lead you exactly where you want to be or it could take you something else. I’m not here to judge you or distract you. Sharing my story and my journey is my only purpose in creating this blog. Take from it only what you need and what will benefit you. Let your faith and persistence lead you the rest of the way.

What kind of blogger are you?

I believe there are two kinds of bloggers in this world.

You have what I would call the “bored blogger”. If my description of the “bored blogger” some how relates to you please take no offense.  The “bored blogger” doesn’t necessarily mean you are bored with your life and you blog to pass by time. It means that you blog with no particular purpose. You aren’t aiming to reach the face of thousands of laptops with inspiring stories. That doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means that you look at blogging as a hobby. A form of self-expression and an escape from the real world. Who says that’s a bad thing. I personally think the world would be lessened with serial killers, rapists, and psychopaths if people would direct their negative energy into a positive out let. 

Then theirs the “people blogger”. I think the names speaks for itself. A “people blogger” is obviously someone who blogs for the people. He/she like the “bored blogger” looks to blogging as an out let from the real world, in a positive light. The difference between the two is that the “people blogger” has more of an interest in sharing what they’ve learned. They want use their experiences to help you get through whatever you may be going through. Aspiring to educate through blogging the “people blogger” usually does attempt to gain a fan base. They want to feel that their voice is being heard and that they are making a difference in someone’s life. Yes those subscribers mean the world to the “people blogger”. Aiming for a fan base is not a bad thing as long as you have control and remember why you started blogging in the first place. Know that a thousand fans should not change your character or ego and having only one fan doesn’t mean your words are worthless. Inspiration is inspiration no matter how many you inspire.

So I guess the question left to be answered is what kind of blogger am I? 



is one who knows no limits, knows no boundaries, knows no distance. any being in her presence must be able to realize their own potential because she doesn’t fall short of habitual people. every interaction being a lesson, she never forgets to pay attention to the signs of her surroundings all while enjoying her life with no limitations. she’s here to make a statement.


I am here

Here it goes…my very first blog post ever. Perhaps you people are witnessing history being made and you want to stick around and watch me grow as a blogger. Good for you. Thank you. Maybe you’re just killing time and you somehow stumble across the blog of an inexperienced premature writer. Possibly the title is what attracted you or even my avatar. Whatever brought you to me good for it. Thank you. No matter the reasoning I want you to be able to take something from my blog. If not then that would totally defeat my purpose of blogging. Not that I don’t enjoy showcasing the inner workings of my astonishing mind but what good does it do if I can’t share it with others….you. So feel free to judge me, love me, subscribe me, criticize me, understand me, abandon me, which ever way your hearts flows. I am here Continue reading “I am here”