the doll who wanted more

Just a pretty doll on the shelf

Sitting around waiting

On the arrival of a hero to come to the store and save me

Making sure to keep clean for the presentation of appearance

Patrons passing through

But none with major interest

Suddenly somebody stops to give recognition

“What a pretty doll you have here

I’m glad I paid attention

For her dress is only designed by the upmost best

Her face is painted on with such a rare uniqueness

Her skin was created with at least three shades of brown

Her hair is so full, certainly nothing similar of a doll

I can not believe she hasn’t been picked up”

Cashier responds “your lucky day, I’ll wrap her up”

“That is fine but wrap her with ease

Don’t want to risk ruining such a prized beauty”

But perhaps too soon these words are spoken

Not long after departing her conditions worsen

Apparently, her interest was one short lasted

A couple weeks’ later she’s thrown in a basket

She sits; she sits waiting for someone to come

Take her out of this place and back to where she’s from

Where she was allowed to stay pretty and clean

Now dust mites and darkness is all that she sees

What happened to the interest that the buyer showed before

My face is still unique and my hair is still full

My dress is still the one designed by the best

Nothing has changed except the environment in which I’m kept

Why did you take me here just to let me rot

I was better where I was

Here I’ll be forgot

Your interest was rather brief, not good enough to keep

You’ve taken me to this dark place

Somewhere I should not be

The life of a doll is a very short one

When you’re purchased by someone who buys just for fun

The fun runs out and I am put in a basket

The life of a doll is one rather tragic

No one will love you better than you

Love is such a small word yet it holds so much meaning. It relates to our everyday activities and guilds all of our emotions. It controls our reactions to situations and people. Love has been proven to heal as well as kill. Love is power. God is love. Therefore love is everything. Since the day of love is only a day away I felt compelled to share my insight on love.

The most common form of love is the love shared between two human beings. It is the most spoke about love. I believe that is because that form of love is what people believe to be the most powerful version. I think you all talk about that kind of love enough. Today I am here to talk about “self love”. Self-love, like any other form of love, can easily be taken advantage of. Having confidence is one thing, being vain is another. Learn the difference. Now on to you folks that don’t possess self-love, listen up because this blog entry is for you.

This blog was created on the platform of progression; being able to reach any goal set for oneself. Whether that goal is aimed towards a career, relationship, family, etc. I am here to educate you on the everyday life challenges you will face on your journey to get where you want to be. I hope that you will take my words of advice and apply them to your everyday life. Knowing that this helps you helps me reach my potential.

Did you know that lacking self-love could prevent you from achieving what you have set forth for yourself? I tell people all the time. You are your product. You have to sell yourself to the world in hopes that they will buy what you are selling. If you’re not making sells you aren’t progressing. If you are not progressing you are stuck. If you are not confident in what you’re selling it will show. Confidence is like lipstick. We can tell when you are wearing it and when you aren’t. Lack of Self-love can occur from many reasons. It is your job to get to the root of the problem and change whatever is distracting you. Don’t let your insecurities distract you from what is important. You were created for a purpose. It is your job to live out that purpose and no one else’s. God made you who are you for a reason. Accept your flaws first and foremost. Until you learn to love yourself the way you are no change will make you love yourself because it never was about the change. You just simply did not love yourself. After you fix whatever you thought was holding you back you’ll soon be faced with another issue. The problem is you. Until you fix you, the person on the inside, it is nothing man can do. If its people, places, or things that are making you doubt yourself let it go! Who wants to be surrounded by anything that makes them feel bad about them self. Once you figure that out you will begin to heal. Things will seem clearer to you. You will be able to stop pointing out your bad and focus on show casing your good. This Valentines Day do not worry about loving someone else. Practice loving you. After all, no one will love you better than you.