Keep knocking

Its impossible to know exactly who you are at the age of 22. It’s even harder to figure that out when you live in America, the land of the free. There are so many options to choose from. Women  have more power than we use to. Therefore, our opinions are a lot stronger and our voices are being heard. Dreams are being chased and goals are being fulfilled. We don’t have to focus on domestic cleaning and cooking. We now own the houses that are being cleaned and cater the food that is being cooked. We call this evolution.

I myself have taken advantage of this freedom. Working at just about every job possible I have dibble dabbled with societies list of opportunities in hopes of figuring out who I am and what I want to do with the rest of my days on earth. Im not nearly finished with my journey but I have learned a few things along the way. The biggest lesson life has taught me so far is that I can NOT be defined. Here I was searching for a career to fall into in hopes that I would gain true happiness and a feeling of completiness. In all actuality life is playground worth exploring that leads you from one slide to the next, eventually stumbling into happiness.

One day I’ll talk about my love for writing, the next day I’ll want to share a couple songs I’ve recorded. I might even decide to share pointless humorous stories of experiences I’ve had with some of the children I teach. You’ll never know exactly what I’ll have to share. I like it this way. Again I am not a girl that can ever be defined. I do not live my life by one standard. I’m a girl who believes in living with no expectations or boundaries.

This blog entry will be catered to my love of make up, a love that was always present in my life but not one that I thought of pursuing proffesionally.  It took me a little while to realize it was an actual talent and something I could grow with. Any who, I decided to give make up a real try. I figured out a name for my business and made a huge investment in growing my supplies. Next my clientele increased. With all these wonderful blessings happening to me I was motivated more and more to keep pushing. So I kept pushing.

Plenty of times in the past I had applied to the infamous Mac cosmetics in hopes of working along side fabulous, well groomed women and men who I admired. Mac represented poise, elegance, and most of all fierceness. It wasn’t until I decided to fully commit to make up that I took the interview process seriously. I got my portfolio, a collection of images displaying my make up talent, together and I marched into the same place that had turned me down at least five times before. I was extremely nervous and I felt like my stomach was going to collapse inside of my body. I politely requested to speak with the manager in hopes of showcasing my abilities and willingness to grow. I was invited back for an interview ! Yes I know YAYE me !!! Now after this sentence I really wish I could tell you about my happy ending as a Mac cosmetics applicator. Unfortunately, that would be not only lying but totally avoiding the point of this blog. I accept the interview offer and if I wasn’t the happiest girl in the world I was surely runner up. The manager said she would be in touch to schedule an interview. I waited and waited and waited. I made a call as an attempt to get some clarity on my scheduled interview date but my efforts were unsuccessful. A month goes by and I give up the excitement I had about my amazing opportunity because I know by then if they wanted me they would have made more of an initiative to recruit me.

I continue on with make up as a freelance artist. I book a few clients here and there but certainly not enough to live off of. So I decide that I need to increase my portfolio. I figure maybe if I have the best pictures of my best work professionally done then not only would I increase my customers but also set me in a position to get hired by a major make up company. My next step was to set up photo shoots and produce quality work. I get out and start to network. Eventually I link up with a wonderful photographer who is willing to help me boost my make up career. I scout several models of all ethnicities, I recruit a hairstylist, and we put a wardrobe together. I am super excited. Then one day when I feel like things can’t get any better I receive a phone call. It was Mac cosmetics ! No it was not the same store I had received the interview offer to, but one even better and bigger. Immediately I sobbed because I felt like God was listening to my prayers and I just knew I would get this position. It had to be destiny. I practiced and prepared for this day because I was so sure I would not let this opportunity slip away.

Two times a charm right ? Well apparently not in Mac’s case. Not only was my interview cancelled the day of for miscellaneous reasons but also I was not given a date for a future interview. By this time I had it up to the ceiling with Mac. Mom always told me “one monkey don’t stop no show”. So instead of sulking in my misery I finished preparing for my photo shoot. My photo shoot was amazing ! I got the opportunity to work with a talented team. I can not wait to share the finished product with you all. I am currently planning my next projects for the future. Nothing but good will come from me.

The moral of this blog post was not to make you feel like life is a fairy tale. I want you to look at my story and realize that on your way to your destination you will be pushed and pulled. There will be many doors that will close in your face. Your job isn’t to figure out why those doors were closed but to instead go knock on new ones. Eventually the right door will open up and with all the anticipation you’ve built up for the other failed attempts and you’ll learn to appreciate the opportunity that much more. My best advice to you would be to keep knocking. Knock so hard that they have to open up. Then force your way in. I can’t say where my future with Mac cosmetics lies. What I will say is that with or without them I will reach the goal I have set for myself. I am not a girl that can ever be defined.

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my name is Tripoli. pronounced TRIP-AH-LEE. Growing up my mother always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. I believed her, I still do.

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