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                  This past Wednesday I got the privilege to take part in my very first book club meeting. I have never been apart of a book club but I have always heard wonderful things being associated with them. For those of you that don’t know much about one; a book club is a group of individuals who get together on assigned days to share insight and knowledge on a particular book.  Book topics vary but usually the book club is created in order to connect and educate a group of individuals in a social setting. “How Successful People Think” by John C. Maxwell is the book that my club is currently reading. Of course, like the title says, this book was chosen to help motivate and educate young business minded women. I think the reader’s choice was a great one and I am honored to take place in such an uplifting experience.

            After my first meeting I felt so compelled to share some of the major key points that I have learned since reading this book. Although I am only on the first chapter, I feel like I have learned so much. This is why I am so excited to share my learning’s with you. Otherwise, what good is it to be educated if you do not take part in educating.

            One of the most essential things that I have learned while reading this book was the significance of alone time. In the book Maxwell encourages people to train the mind to think. I know it may seem like you are constantly thinking but let me be the one to tell you that is not the case. “Thinking is hard work; that’s why so few do it” Albert Einstein. In order to allow your brain to digest the thoughts running through your head you have to be in solitude first off. Ever heard the saying “silence is the loudest noise.” You would be surprised to know how many people actually try to avoid being alone in silence. To a person who suffers from the feeling of emptiness it is nearly impossible. When you are in a state of silence and there is nothing to hear but your own thoughts; that is when you become in tune with them. You are then able to profoundly interpret what your mind is saying. Taking an hour out of your week to sit in silence away from all distractions could prove to be successful for you. I encourage all to try this method.

            I have always been an independent worker. Choosing never to rely on the help of others has always been my motto. I believed that if I did not work closely with any one I would not risk allowing anyone to ruin my vision or plans. I was being selfish with my dreams. Until yesterday I thought my way of thinking was the right way. I was wrong. You will get further in life by working with a team than by working alone. That was a major lesson to me. Do not ever think that you will be able to learn everything the world has to offer. It is impossible. You will barely be able to learn half of what this world has to offer. By working with people who are strong where you are weak, you build together. Always remember that. That does not mean that you should go out and share your vision and ideas with everyone. Be cautious to only work along side those who A. genuinely care B. have something to offer and C. come with great work ethics.

            In order to be successful and produce success ideas you must be willing to analyze your thought process. If you can honestly admit that you are not where you need to be mentally; make a change. That can probably be one of the hardest things for people to admit. No one wants to feel like their everyday thoughts and activities are what hold them back from becoming the person they want to be. That is because along with realizing that you must realize the factors that may prevent you from doing so. Sometimes you must change whom you surround yourself by. You may need to change certain recreational activities. Change is not always a bad thing. It can be good too. You will not feel the need to advance if you are not putting yourself in positions to witness advancement first hand. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture and I promise it will make the habits that you once thought were impossible to break; possible.

            I hope that my insight on my very first book club meeting can help you in any way. I want to encourage you all to see life as a game; a game that if played correctly offers a major reward. “You have to think anyway, so why not think BIG” Donald Trump. There is enough success for all of us. Come get a slice of the pie.

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my name is Tripoli. pronounced TRIP-AH-LEE. Growing up my mother always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. I believed her, I still do.

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