“In order to be…

“In order to be a BIG picture thinker, we must realize there is a world out there besides our own and make and effort to get outside of ourselves and see other people’s world through their eyes”

I am currently involved in a book club with John. C. Maxwell’s “How Successful People Think”. This quote is just something I picked up in the book.

Its your party, be tacky if you want to

Okay, so lately I’ve been coming across this particular problem that I feel needs to be spoken on because I don’t think the people in my generation realize the error in their ways. Upon reading this I do warn viewers that this may be something you’ve witnessed or have done yourself. Please take no offense I am only stating my personal opinion on the matter. 

It is your birthday. I get it I get it. HOWEVER, if you are going to plan activities catered to your special day; that you would like others to partake in, at least fund them. In my opinion it’s tacky. I always think to myself “why would I want to pay to do what you want when I could pay to do what I want ?” but see if you’re paying thats a different story. I’m down for the cause. I’ll do whatever you ‘d like to do, all day in fact. That wasn’t the case for the last couple times I’ve been invited to birthday outings. That’s probably why I was absent. 

Hey I love spending my birthday with my friends. It’s the one day a year where I can be bitchy and call shots and not be scolded for it. My last birthday was a blast. I’m sure my friends would agree. They all came out. Of course I paid for everything. People love free stuff. I don’t blame them. I love free stuff too. Now if you don’t mind everyone ditching your gathering because they’d rather carry on with their own lives, cool . Keep on with your ways. Good for you. Someday I’d be glad to tag along on your day and blow cash on what you see fit, says the struggling young adult trying to find her way in this rather expensive world. That day my friend however, is not today.

Moral of the story; stop being tacky. stop being cheap. 

So necessary

I will never allow another person actions dictate my character in any negative way. I don’t feed into negative energy. The reason being because I am a firm believer in the saying “argue with a fool and you look a fool”. I am maturing in age and I am learning that what ever energy you put into this world is the same energy you shall receive. I think it is impossible to avoid bad days but I am also not going to welcome them in through the front door. I was sent here by the almighty to live out the potential he has set in me. Now whether I come across a crappy photographer or a conceited model, who’s work doesn’t match their arrogance I will not let that stop me from doing my best. At the end of the day it is about me and my brand. I can not sit around and count the mistakes of others. I simply work with what is given and keep it moving. When you set out to live your purpose you pay no attention to the unnecessary. All that you do becomes necessary.