live girl, have some fun girl, we’ll be fine

one of our biggest mistakes in life is forgetting to live our lives ! we follow too many rules. we have our parents rules, our bosses rules, our teachers rules, our pastors rules, our friends rules…the list goes on ! Our own rules are the last ones we follow. Why is that? Maybe because we are suffocated by so many rules that we rarely have the time to make and follow our own. I am not saying that the rules that others have set forth are of any harm. That may not be the case or it may. I can not make that call. What I can say is that you have to be larger than those rules. By this I mean LIVE. Don’t get too comfortable in the boundaries of what seems right. Go against the grain a little, what could it hurt ? Break the rules and step out on faith. Create memories worth remembering. Have fun your way. In the end it is not the things we did that we will regret but more so the things we did not do. 

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my name is Tripoli. pronounced TRIP-AH-LEE. Growing up my mother always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. I believed her, I still do.

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