why girls wear make up 101

I work in the make up industry. I love my job and what I do. Make up for me is a way to give back to my people in my own way. I mean honestly, being a mua was never a dream of mine. I started only doing my own make up. As I advanced and started getting more request for make up applications I decided that maybe make up was a route for me to explore. Making a person feel good about them self is definitely something mua’s do not get enough credit for. I mean seriously that wicked winged liner could possibly save that little girl from jumping off of that building. Luckily I don’t do it the applause or approval of outsiders looking in. I am only here to set some things straight on the behalf of my fellow Mua’s and make up lovers.

WHY DO WE WEAR MAKE UP ??? (not that its any of your business)

1. make up is a security blanket for some people. feeling more attractive with make up on is common. its an enhancement of course ! same as when girls get their weaves done and guys spend more time with their barbers than with their spouse. “we all self conscious I’m just the first to admit it” – kanye W.

2. skin blemishes and make up are in a committed fulfilling relationship. everyone is not born with picture perfect camera ready skin. makeup is there to help achieve that look. it’s unfair for you to judge someone because their skin is not as smooth as yours or because your okay with having spotty skin. let her conceal those dark circles!

3. Makeup believe it or not is a requirement for some employee’s. I work at hooters and before you agree to work for the company you must agree to wear make up to work. It’s apart of the hooter girl look.

4. last but certainly not least, and i really want you to grasp this last reason because this could definitely change your views and outlook on all those obsessed with their powdering faces at the dinner table. girls wear make up………BECAUSE THEY FUCKING WANT TO ! MIND YA BUSINESS AND CONTINUE BEING BASIC.

i hope i answered all questions. if not please take it up with Jesus. I am out of ideas.

i’ll give you the respect that you earn

Neyo is one of my favorite singers. He sings with meaning and compassion. He sings to educate as well as entertain. In one of his latest songs he says “I’m gonna give you the respect that you earn. what you make me do I’m gonna do” ladies are constantly trying to change these boys and turn them into mister right. this attempt to convert usually comes after he hits on the first night. Ladies let me tell you now you’re hustling backwards. relationships works like a cat and mouse game. one person is chasing while the other is running. If you give a man the milk he’ll never buy the cow. He has everything he needs and you’ve gotten nothing. Sex to us is more emotional than it is to them. You’ve set yourself into a trap that you’re expecting him to save you from which he won’t because he’s already hunting for the next cow. Be smart ladies. It’s okay to sleep alone as you know what you’re waiting for. Settling too soon will cause you to settle forever. Think about it

life isn’t complicated, you are

life is not as complicated as we make it sometimes. if you hate your job LEAVE. if you aren’t respected by your spouse DUMP them. if you are constantly fighting with a friend CUT the friendship loose. decided you’re bored with your living arrangements then go take an adventure. life is constantly throwing us daggers but you have the option to curve them. the things that can be avoided should be avoided. don’t spend your life doing something that doesn’t suit your happiness. it will never pay off in the end. Fuck what they say. Do you. One life is given. no amount of anything can get you another one.