miss me ?

I’ve been mia (missing in action). I know this. Actually, I’ve had a lot going on. When I say a a lot, I mean just that. So much has happened. I have been living my life and living it well. All along my wondrous adventures, I’ve come to this conclusion, love life and every single thing it has to offer. Just think about it. Do you love life or do you just live it? Is life something you find yourself just gliding through? Are you just going through the motions or are you observing the changes, the blessings, and the lessons? Do you wake up and go to sleep appreciative of whatever the day presented you with. Whether good or bad does it all make you smile because you know there is a divine reason for everything that you have crossed paths with. Well that is what I have been going through. What will be will be and what is coming will come. I was not always like this. I use to stress and think too much. Life has taught me that those actions change nothing. Right now, I am just living in the moment and I love it. I smile more stress less. There is no time in my schedule for the past and I wont get too bored with the present to wander off to the future far before my time. I am relaxed. The time I’ve taken to myself was more than worth it. I can truly say I learned so much and I’m ready to share. Stick around.

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my name is Tripoli. pronounced TRIP-AH-LEE. Growing up my mother always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. I believed her, I still do.

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