My darling where is your crown? Have you taken it off? Thrown it on the ground?

So careless with such a work of Art. You were born with that crown, at no age did you start.

No what you started to do was listen to others, who apparently dropped theirs as well. So what did you do ? You removed your jewel and blended in so well.

But that crown was more than decoration. It was a statement to EVERY nation that a queen is what you’re born.

Cause see without that crown you’ve  been all around town engaging in acts meant for jokers.

You’ve allowed peasants to dirty you up with their acts of pure filth. You’ve traded your time of doing things divine in exchange for drugs and parties.

Your body has become a city of fun and filthy memories of nothing. But it ain’t too late to fix your mistake.

Go go find your crown and reclaim it.


***written for all my Queens. Always wear your crown**