Is it just me or does it seem like everyone had a pretty crappy year? All over social media I’m seeing meme’s and stories of just how terrible 2015 was. I look back on my year and man did I go through some things. December 20, 2014,  I ended the year with a broken left humerus bone. This effected my work, my business and my financial state. Breaking a limb with no medical insurance is no joke. My brand new car was severely damaged and required repairs that totaled up to 5k, which was paid out of pocket only to declare my car a total loss just a few months later due to a flood storm. I let go of two people that I considered to be my family. I was struggling to pay all my bills on time and in full. I felt alone and lost. When was this storm going to end? Where was my rainbow? It seemed so far from my current life status.

Fast forward to December 31, 2015. My body is 100% healthy. I have a new car that is all paid off. This is my first major purchase that I can say is 100% mine. I’m surrounded by people who motivate, love, and are growing with me. I received a better position with a better salary which allows me financial freedom. I’m experimenting with a new love interest. The biggest blessing of them all is my mental growth. I’ve become much more aware of who I am as a woman. Certain things, situations, and people I would put up with a year ago could not get a text message from me. The growth is real. I get it now when they say don’t address me like I’m that person you knew a year ago. True I’m not where I want to be but I’m well on my way. There are already opportunities in 2016 that I’m scheduled to receive. The only thing I’m waiting on right now is time.

So overall I can say 2015 was a wonderful year. The storm did its part by bringing me pain. I did my part by living through the pain and keeping my head up. The rainbow is doing its part by cleaning up any residue the storm left behind and by also providing light for me to use as a guide to the next level. I want to encourage my readers, if you don’t think that 2015 was a good year, to reconsider. Sit back and observe every storm that 2015 brought and find the rainbow that chased the storm away. I’ve learned to look at the glass as half full rather than half empty. Thats what keeps me going. Train your mind to see good in every situation in the most positive way that you can. When you do this you’ll notice how much more fulfilling life is. Don’t end this year feeling like you were defeated by 2015. Bring that attitude to 2016 and you’ve already lost. Trials and tribulations will always be in our lives. We can’t escape them. Everyone has them. It is you who determines if they make you or break you. In 2016 be UNBREAKABLE.

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my name is Tripoli. pronounced TRIP-AH-LEE. Growing up my mother always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. I believed her, I still do.

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