The Evolution

A few months ago I was interviewed by Ms. Mariah Clark on behalf of Pink Productions for “The Evolution”. The interview was focused on my role in the make up industry. The interview was amazing! I enjoyed every minute of it. So check out a snip of the interview below. To read more about our sit down feel free to check out Thank you for having me Pink Productions.

” Make up artist are artist, so when did you know you were artsy? What influences (negative and positive) growing up triggered your passion for make up ?”

I’m already enjoying how this interview is starting off. It’s a good feeling to have someone ask me about who I am and where I come from. In this industry with this job title we are not the main priority, let alone a concern at all. We are considered the workers who come in and do a job. We ask no questions, we make no suggestions. Our job is to satisfy the client. I think there is more to a make up artist than most care to realize. We are indeed, as you stated, an  ARTIST. If I had to choose whom I would rather interview between a lawyer, painter, or engineer, I would choose the painter. I know my choice would be considered bias because I am an artist but my reasoning is definitely one to consider. A TRUE artist lives life with no expectations, they have no boundaries, they rarely follow the rules. They are risk takers. They believe in the possibility of wonderful magical things happening. They Live life as they see it. To decide to be a true artist and make no excuses about it is a risky move. You are gambling your chances of stability, a 401 k, benefits, etc. A person with that mindset is one who deserves an interview because they will not give you a straight out the book answer. If they speak it will be of compassion and honesty. A true artist bares it all….

It’s amazing how we can have entire plan for our lives but the plan that wins is the one that life has for us. I was in school for broadcasting. I figured it would still allow me to live the life I wanted. This included traveling and living life the glamorous way. As I got deeper into my studies I realized this was not my career path. From observing both of my parents and their ways I learned valuable lessons. From my mom I learned that you have to work hard. PERIOD. No matter what you want to do. We were never rich, we were sometimes poor but we were mostly comfortable. I don’t like being poor so I knew that if I wanted to at least be comfortable I had to work. From my Dad I learned to stay true to who you are. An artist is wise, wiser than most. This lifestyle is not for the ignorant and stupid. I feel that a lot of his talent was passed down to me, especially his writing. If you cant tell I love to write! I am nowhere near my destination. In fact I don’t even think I have one. I consider my dream to be one huge mountain that I continue to climb. The higher I go the more I learn and the stronger I get. That itself is my reason for choosing this career path.

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my name is Tripoli. pronounced TRIP-AH-LEE. Growing up my mother always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. I believed her, I still do.

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