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We just re-arranged my work station at home. I used to sit at a small table that only fits my computer screen and keyboard. And we have a 4-seater dining table. The wisest thing we did today was to make the dining table my work table, so it can accommodate 2 people i.e. my husband and I can sit next to each other while we do our work in the evenings. We now have a smaller dining table, but that is perfectly fine because our children uses their own IKEA children’s table.

As I’m sitting here at my computer doing my work with my husband by my side (for the first time in 7 years – the last time was when we usually sat next to each other in our university’s library, studying for exams), I feel a better connection with him. So I decided to sit down and think…

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I asked God to help me increase my blog entries by providing me with only real life experiences. I didn’t want to be that blogger who just talks about what sounds good to appeal to crowds. I want to be able to say I’ve been through it so that it’ll sound more relatable. I know plenty of people who write about the “hard knock life” without actually living it. It can be done but those stories lack emotion. Emotions that can be felt through each word written, emotions that are easy to be identified with because that reader has felt that same emotion. I want my readers to have that connection with my blog. Lets just say I keep it real, all the way real. If I haven’t lived it I ain’t writing about it.

So lately I’ve been going through the motions of losing friends. I mean we all lose friends but in the past two weeks I’ve let go of a couple, distanced myself from a few more in hopes of them just forgetting me altogether, and called a few out on bullshit. It needed to be done but it had me feeling kind of down. I felt like I was the common denominator in all the situations, which meant that it had to be my fault. How is it that in just a couple months I literally go from a group of maybe ten good girlfriends to now only three?

I sat down and had a talk with my counselor about the situation and she helped me reason and see exactly why I was losing so many friends so soon. It’s called GROWTH people! Yes it all makes sense now. Since 2015 I can honestly say I’m learning more about who I am as a woman. I’m accepting this path that I’m on because I chose it. That comes with the loss of friends. DUH! Think about it, your mom is hopefully a fully established woman. She has her own home, career, and family. Now go count her girlfriends, coworkers not included but her actual real best friends. Well my mom has one. I can definitely see how she got to that point. It is impossible for me to remain friends with girl who I was a friend with when I was lost and naïve. They were lost and naïve too. Finding myself means that I’m not the same girl I was neither are they. So unless we aspire to be like each other, which would be weird, it’s inevitable that we will have different interest as we mature.

IMG_2131 What I thought was the evil of the world separating me from girls I grew to love was actually the universe preparing me for the next level of my life. My mom always told me friendships are like elevators. We all will enter on the first floor; some may ride with you to the fifth maybe some will even go to the fifteenth. However, everyone is not going to the penthouse. So when it is their time to exit the elevator let them exit because if you don’t you will only delay your journey to the penthouse. Let them off that elevator and keep going.

If you’re still friends with those same chicks from high school just know you’re not growing honey. I can understand keeping one friend from high school. Keeping two friends is pushing it. If there are more than three you are being stagnant in some area of your life. God doesn’t intend for us to all hold hands and sing kumbaya forever. Most people that enter your life will only be there temporarily. Find the lesson God sent them to deliver and move on with your life. It’s time to connect with your inner you. Live out your potential and keep moving on up that elevator. Not everyone you lose is a loss.

I traded my Honda for a Benz

I feel like I traded my Honda for a Benz.  Ended up with a Benz that costed me my ends.

This sleek motherfucker took me for all that I got, which ain’t a lot.

Couldn’t afford a Benz brand new so I traded in my new Honda for a Benz that was used.

I thought the Benz would make me feel better inside. But this Benz only good when it’s time to ride.

Can’t ride too much cause I got bills to pay. My tail light went out on my Benz the other day.

To fix that shit man it took my whole check. Now I’m piled up with bills to my neck.

Now I’m missing my Honda cause she was a rider for real. She gave me no problems and was only $20 dollars to fill.

My insurance was low so I didn’t work so much. Now I got a Benz and I’m struggling to keep up.

Lesson of the day, don’t try to live like me.

Cause I ain’t been living like me. Im living based on what I see. Trying to keep up with something not meant for me.

 Not saying it will never happen, but wait for the right time. Move too soon and you’ll dull your shine.

Happiness is something that should come naturally. So don’t trade your Honda for a Benz, like me.”



What was suppose to be a glorious day for us Berner’s on Tuesday, March 1 turned out to be a day of stupidity and disappointment. I hurried to my designated poll location to cast my vote! A vote that I waited in line for two hours to cast. A vote that went to a candidate who has since DAY ONE proven he was for the people by risking his freedom and life by fighting for the rights of MY people. A man who walked with Martin Luther King Jr to ensure the fair treatment of ALL americans. My vote went to a man who saw America for what it is, CORRUPT! We live in a country where there is an Upper class, middle class, and lower class. Slowly and surely our middle class is dissolving. Why? Because the people who control everything are the Upper, rich, class. Hints; Money is power. My vote went to a man who simply wanted to correct the system that will eventually lead us into poverty by creating more jobs, lowering taxes, and raising minimum wage. My vote went to a man who wanted us to succeed by any means necessary and was willing to provide free education. When I say us I mean ALL of us, you, me, your mother, your father, and everyone else in your family unless you are apart of the 1% who dominate the world with their finances, which you’re not ! My vote went to a man who inspired change and gave me hope of a better tomorrow. However, I am only one person. One person with a lot of knowledge simply because I read,  research and pay attention. That isn’t and wasn’t good enough to save Bernie on Tuesday night. Apparently YOU Texans do not read, research, and pay attention to what’s current. Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders did not win the state of Texas. Apparently 71% of you thought that wishy washy  Hillary Clinton would make a better President.

BOOM! Hillary wins Texas. At that moment I wanted to cringe. Thank God I’m relocating to California soon, but that’s besides the point. The point is that 71% of you Texans decided to go cast your uneducated and unresearched vote in favor of a woman who clearly is not for you. Hillary is doing what she knows best. I’ll give it to her. She is playing the role well. So well that you people are buying right into it. How could your mind register around voting for a woman who once worked for Berry Goldwater. If you don’t know who this is do your research please. This man was a republican party nominee in the presidential campaign. This man was AGAINST civil rights. Yes you heard that right. Hillary worked for a man who did not value let alone wish to grant us equal rights. As if that isn’t bad enough Hilary in 2009 accepted the Margaret Sanger award. If you don’t know who Margaret Sanger is she’s the founder of planned parent hood. Since 1973 planned parent hood has executed 13 million black babies. Sanger in an interview once referred to black people as human weeds who needed to be pulled in order to save the garden. Go ahead and listen to that acceptance speech Hillary makes when she is receiving this award in 2009! She states “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously for her courage, tenacity, and her vision.” This is the same woman who 71% of you Texans thought was fit to run this country. I could go on and on about how terrible a person Mrs. Hillary Clinton is but I would be here all night. I don’t really care about Hillary’s campaign or what changes she “promises” to bring. My philosophy on humans is simple. When a person shows you who they are the first time believe them. People don’t change their character they just learn to adapt. That my friends is what Hillary is doing. She is adapting. She is a smart girl I’ll giver her that.

Now when I was in this two hour line I met some pretty interesting people. We had our talks about the future. One thing I noticed was that many people in the line were team Bernie. A few of them, my self included, stated that if Bernie did not win for Democratic party we would NOT be voting in the election. I started to think about all the millions of Berners that thought like me and I came to this conclusion. If Bernie does not make the elections there is a great possibly that many democrats will not vote. Having to choose between Trump and Hillary would be like having to choose between Syphillis and Herpes. THEY BOTH SUCK, IM GOOD WITHOUT EITHER. So if millions of democrats do not vote that could very well grant Mr. Trump the position as our nations president. So way to go guys!  Honestly I do not and will not feel bad if that is how this election plays out because we ALL will be fucked together 🙂 In the famous words of Dj Khalid, YOU PLAYED YOURSELF! Now do you FEEL THE BERN ?