Welcome to LA


” I recently scored a job getting paid to attend parties. I was fortunate enough to meet this young lady while on the job. Maybe it was the booze or the drugs, I don’t know, but she began to spill her life to me. I’m grateful she entrusted me with her thoughts. I got inspired and decided to write this piece. Enjoy”


girl smoking



Got a dream, come here, this is the land where u chase it.

Don’t be mistaken, trust in me and your spirit, I will break it

Where everybody fakes it. And the youthful aren’t forsaken

The playground is my town. Come on lets get naked.

Pool all day, gym at night, party while they sleep.

Pool all day gym at night, Tomorrows on repeat

Who is she? Nobody. oh don’t speak to me.

Your beautiful, nice to meet you! wanna hang with me?

Money here, come get it, what u willing to do?

Trade your morals for a Chanel, baby what wont you do ?

Show me your fears and I’ll play on that shit.

Good don’t survive but evil make it rich

Im here, I’m alive, white girl gives me strength,

Strength to feel like Madonna, confidence that’s pretend

Who cares if its fake, isn’t everything around here.?

But I need that shit, I’m addicted. Lets NOT face our fears.

Bathroom where are u. I need to make a stop. Ill bring my white girl with me so my greed can not be stopped.

Check my nose, check my pose, is my stomach flat enough, is my ass fat enough, maybe squats just ain’t enough

There he is, he just walked in, oh my god he’s so hot.

No really I heard he was hot, I don’t care, Ill take whatever he’s got.

I want a lot. And he can get it for me.

Ill name the baby sophie, and he wont be able to ignore me

If the judge don’t care that I trapped him in this affair then I don’t care. Who else gonna pay for this hair.

This bag, this whip, these clothes. All shit I lease but don’t own.

Shallow I know, that’s just how it go

Just to feel high I stoop so low.

This isn’t my home. Im here alone

Cause when I was home I use to be strong,

I was wrong to think this place would give me life. Its taken every breathe. life is a constant sacrifice.

But im here now.

I’m a newby to this streets

Been here 12 weeks, this is what LA did to me

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my name is Tripoli. pronounced TRIP-AH-LEE. Growing up my mother always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. I believed her, I still do.

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